A journey of 10,000 rounds begins with a single trigger pull.

The Year Of The Rimfire

Regular range time has eluded me for a number of years now. Having shot competition in everything from NRA Highpower to USPSA Production, Limited, and Single Stack, range time was once a weekly occurrence.

Life, career, and family health had other plans.

I miss the range, and worse, my skills have degraded.

One of the biggest industry trends, PRS and NRL precision rifle competitions have drawn my interest but in southern New England range time at a 500-1000 yard range means a LONG drive, lots of time, and $1.50 a round trigger time. Worse, I don’t have any of the skills or trigger time to make that financial and time investment a worthy cause. The answer came in the form of a YouTube video from 8541 Tactical showcasing NRL22, .22 precision rifle series.

While centerfire calibers like 6.5 Creedmoor need 600-1200 yards to really stretch their legs, modern and advancements in rimfire rifles like the CZ 455/457 the Tikka T1x or the new kid on the block, the Vudoo V-22 have taken the rimfire from a kids rifle to a full-size trainer and competition tool accurate to 200-300 yards and beyond. (Perfect for New England size ranges)

Enter my year of the rimfire and my quest to build real skills, but behind in proper position building techniques, but also mentally by understanding ballistics, wind, range estimation. Along side me, my son and his first rifle learning the basics of marksman ship.

Today was day one (And it went as poorly as you would expect)

The rifle – CZ455 “Tacticool”

The Optic – Athlon 4-14 FFP Mil reticle

The Ammo – Federal Target, Eley Club, Wolf Match Target (NOS)

The Range – Cheshire Shooting Sports Foundation Ferrybrook Range

The Weather – Sunny, 46 degrees, 3-5 mph winds

The only thing that’s clear – I have a LONG way to go.

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