A black PS90 with a Design Machine MRO mount

Design Machine PS90 Mount – What Is It?

First things first, the Design Machine PS90 MRO Mount. What is it and why do I need it? In short, if you own or have shot a FN PS-90 you know how high the optic height is over bore causing an uncomfortable and natural cheek weld in order to get a proper sight picture. Less than ideal for a $1500 self defense carbine or range toy.

The Design Machine PS90 Optic Mount is a optic specific mount designed to utilize the 4 existing holes in the “bridge” of the PS90 receiver.

Design Machine offers optic specific mounts for the following optics

  • Trijicon MRO
  • Trijicon RMR
  • Vortex Crossfire
  • Vortex Sparc II
  • Vortex Venon
  • Vortex Razor
  • Vortex Viper
  • Burris FastFire 3
  • Leupold Deltapoint
  • C-More STS2
  • Aimpoint ACRO

Typical MSRP for most mounts is around $130 at the time of this review.

Design Machine MRO Mount – Installation